Empowering Lives



To combat the everyday stress and environmental pollutions, we have created a range of Energy products & tools to help us to cleanse, balance and restore vital energy leveraging on Quantum technology. All these products are energized with our proprietary AMized Fusion Technology (AFT) to resonate at Zero Point Field Energy or in other words Life Force Energy.

This AFT process is based on the application of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics, where "all matter is actually condensed energy". During the process, the products are further subjected to the energetic formulation and resonance encoding depending on the intended use.


Research findings show that our food intake is lacking in a number of essential nutrients, which have to be supplemented through nutritional supplements. Not just to make up for what we're missing, but also to give ourselves an extra health boost and an excellent preventive buffer to ward off disease.

At AMwell we offer not just nutritional supplements but ENERGIZED nutritional supplements developed from hard science. With the help of science and our proprietary technology, we increase the potency of the ingredients, efficacy of the products and provide you with an effective energetic boost from within.


Looking and feeling good is important for our self-esteem especially when enhanced with wellness benefits. The Energized EGA range of products are practical and nourishes our body, mind and soul to bring about huge health benefits.

From a simple, yet powerful Therapeutic Oil to Body Massage Oils, Essential Aroma Blends and Refreshing Mist, our EGA range ensure to complement your energetic wellness self-care approach.


The Bio-Energy Bracelets, Anklets, and Necklaces are manufactured using a combination of ancient magnetic therapy with the latest far-infrared therapy. They are practical yet fashionable products for everyday use that brings about huge health benefits.

Made from various materials like Titanium, Tungsten, they are long-lasting, fashionable, and comes embedded with natural rare neodymium magnets combined with germanium, copper, depending on the model.


People of all culture have adored and used jewelry to boost their appearances, self esteem, image and identity, especially fine jewelry made of precious metals like gold and silver.

At AmWell you don't just wear any jewelry but ENERGIZED silver jewelry from our unique range: AGEMS- the world's first wellness jewelry. Jewelry from the AGEMS range not only look good, they also enhance your energy and your energetic performance to make you feel healthier and younger from inside out!